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What to do now?

Do you get a new website? Or redesign the old one you have?
Well, to start off, you need to talk to a web developer and ask questions about your options. A good web developer will take the time to analyze your website and recommend what is the best course of action: Redesign the old website you have, develop a completely new and RESPONSIVE website or build a mobile version of your actual website.

There are some important information about websites, that you need to understand before you hire a website designer or web developer.

Responsive Website or Web App?

If you already have website that you like then probably your cheaper option would be to build a Web App. (Please don't get confused with a Mobile App, which is something close to a Web App, but not the same.)

On the other hand, if you have a website that you think doesn't represents your business in the way you expect, or you simple want a more professional website, then a RESPONSIVE WEBSITE would be the way to go.

Again, if you don't really know what to do, talk to your web developer or contact us at we will be happy to answer your questions or meet with you for a more professional consultation.

If you decide to redesign your old website, and your site is ranking well on search engines, it's important to remind you that your actual rankings and organic search traffic, can get hurt if your web developer does not know how to properly handle your SEO. Give us a call at (857) 770-1119 or email us if you have questions.